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It's finally that time of year: time to get in the holiday spirit...and that means DECORATING!

There are so many fun things you can do to deck out your home for the holidays: put up a Christmas tree, arrange centerpieces, add wreaths & garland around your home.

But don't forget the outside, too! You can create a stunning scene on your front door so you (and your guests) feel the magic when you walk up to your home.

This year, we decided to deck out three different doors in three different styles to inspire you to create your own!

Merry, Modern & Bright

A little on the modern and colorful side, this door front is ready to brighten anyone's Christmas spirit.

What we used:
  • 2 tall ceramic pots
  • 4 spruce tops
  • 1 bundle of red twigs
  • 3 bundles of mixed cuts
  • 1 bundle of red berries
  • 1 package of portea blooms
  • 2 metal decorative Christmas trees with lights
  • 1 boxwood wreath with a red wire-ribbon bow
  • 1 strand of lights
  • a decorative door hanger
  • a few various ornaments

We started with 2 tall containers framing the door (you can re-use these from season to season). With two metal trees as the centerpiece, we filled in around with fresh cuts, red twigs, and berries.  (We used florist foam to secure the sticks in the pots).

Add a boxwood wreath with a simple red bow to your door to tie it all together.

To finish it off, we draped holiday lights over the door and sprinkled in a few ornaments.

Tip: use command strip hooks to secure lights over your door without damaging the house siding.

Classic Southern Charm

You really can't beat a little Southern charm, so we designed this doorstep to reflect some southern elements.

What we used:
  • 2 black urns
  • 6 birch branches
  • 3 bundles of magnolia leaves
  • 1 bunch of eucalyptus leaves
  • 1 bunch of gold twigs
  • 3 mixed bunches (of cut greens)
  • 20 ft of garland
  • 1 mixed wreath with a cream bow

We twisted mixed garland to thicken it up before hanging it, added a simple bow to our mixed wreath, and then placed our resin urns to frame the door.

In each of our urns, we placed 3 birch branches (these are heavy and weigh down the urns so no need to worry about them being light weight).  We filled in with bundles of magnolia leaves, a bunch of eucalyptus twigs, gold twigs, and a few bundles of mixed cuts.  It really was that simple!

Tip: buy twice as much garland as you need (by the foot) and twist it to make it super full.

Natural Traditions

If your style is a little more on the traditional side, you'll love this door front filled with natural, Christmas-y elements.

What we used:
  • 2 black urns
  • 2 2-3 ft cut Christmas trees
  • 2 burlap bows
  • 1 bunch of white twigs
  • 1 bunch of red twigs
  • 2 small wreaths
  • a few pinecones
  • 1 door swag (cut greens arranged with a bow)
  • 6 wood sphere stick-ins
  • 1 bundle of cut wood

For this look, we started by tying a burlap bow on our urns and adding 2 small cut Christmas trees.  Next, we inserted white and red twigs, a few natural spheres and ornaments.  Then, we stacked some firewood, placed a couple wreaths with ribbons, and added some pine cones.  We finished it off by making a swag from our mixed greens and eucalyptus berries for the front door.

Tip: Spray your outdoor cut greens with water once or twice a week to maintain their freshness.

We have everything you need to create your perfect holiday door front at our stores. So come see us this holiday season to start your own!

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