Just like a well-tended plant, Westwood Gardens has grown and matured over the years. With nurture and care from the Black family, several key employees, and the community, we have sprouted four locations across the area.

Westwood Gardens started in 1982, founded by Brenda and Russell Black – then just a few greenhouses and a small business they named Blackland Farms. The idea for the business was sparked when the couple moved to a farm in Prairie Grove, Arkansas and Brenda started rooting plants into dish gardens to sell to local stores. Soon, the business started to grow.

In 1982, the first Westwood Gardens storefront opened on Wedington drive. The family  decided that growing their own plants was the key to making the business work.

Since its humble beginnings, Westwood Gardens has grown into a multi-store garden center and nursery business in Northwest Arkansas with locations in Springdale, Rogers and two in Fayetteville.

Even with all the growth, some things have never changed. Westwood still strives to bring the very best quality plants to our customers – in most cases that still means growing them on site. 

We’ve got lots to do. The ever changing seasons mean that the jobs change as the year goes along, so you can look forward to always doing something new. You’ll also learn tons about the plant world.Most of our positions do require some outdoor work which means sometimes it's warm, or cold, or rainy. It can be hard work growing these plants!