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We can all remember the magical joy that came from planting our first seed and watching it grow to fruition. We at Westwood Gardens know the satisfaction of growing anything from seed better than anyone else, but growing your own food feels especially amazing! Plus, with the rising costs of produce and the unpredictability of our supply chains, it's time to seriously look at what foods we can produce ourselves. Here are the top reasons to start growing your own food from seed in Arkansas:

Growing Food vs. Buying Food

Everyone can grow their own food, even beginner gardeners! Here are the very best reasons to clear some room for a garden or greenhouse and get growing today:

It Saves Money

It may seem counterintuitive, but it's true! The next time you stand in a grocery store and cry over the cost of tomatoes or a single head of lettuce, think about how inexpensive it is to buy a packet of well over 500 seeds. When it comes to produce, you just can't beat the money-saving potential of growing your own food!

It's Healthy!

Let's face it: you never really know what your food has gone through when you bring it home from the grocery store. The food we buy at the store comes from all over the world and has, in most cases, been treated with various mystery chemicals and pesticides. Growing your own food puts you in complete control of its quality and production, ensuring that your seeds get only the best soils, fertilizers, and care. It's also crucial to remember that food starts to lose vital nutrients as soon as it's picked, so being able to pick your own straight off the vine ensures that you and your family are only getting the very best!

It's Eco-Friendly

Some food makes very long journeys to get to your grocery store, often being shipped nationally and internationally via ships, planes, trains, and trucks. By growing your own food, you're reducing your carbon footprint and the environmental impact of the entire food industry as a whole. After all, think of all the resources we'll save by growing produce locally in Arkansas. Another benefit of growing your own food is that you're creating your very own mini ecosystem in your garden, perfect for supporting local pollinators!

It Keeps Local Pollinators Happy

Growing your own food is a great way to boost the energy and livelihood of your favorite local pollinators. Bees, butterflies, and other active insects will be thankful for the added plant life nearby. You might also spot an increase in birds who rely on berries for much-needed energy in the fall.

It Makes You Self-Sufficient

Growing your food will set you apart by making you much more self-sufficient. Nobody really knows where our world is heading, but if you can grow your own food, your steady supply of at-home fruits and veggies might very well make you the rockstar of your family and community.

It's Convenient

Another benefit to growing your own food is the convenience of having everything you need within arm's reach. Skipping the trip to the grocery store every time you need parsley for that sauce or garlic for that soup means more time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. The only lineups you'll be running into will be all the neighborhood kids waiting to pick the juiciest strawberry!

It's a Challenge!

We know you love a good challenge! Growing your own food is an excellent life lesson, teaching patience, trial and error, and a deeper, more intimate connection with the earth. It's also very satisfying, so you can expect some warm and happy moments of pride, too! Growing your own food might also help push you and your family out of your comfort zones enough to try some new things and expand your food horizons.

If you're finally ready to grow your own food in Arkansas, we've got you covered with all the supplies you'll need to be a gardening hero in 2023. Spring is on its way, so get to planting today!

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