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We're lucky to live in such a temperate, beautiful state as Arkansas, especially as gardeners! Our climate is perfect for growing just about anything, including fruit trees, and there are some amazing varieties that grow exceptionally well state-wide. Whether you're planning to plant an entire orchard or just a tree or two in your backyard this summer, here are some of the easiest fruit trees to grow in Arkansas that you should consider!

The Best Fruit to Grow in Arkansas

Our team at Westwood Gardens considers growing your own food the only way to go. If you've already got a sprawling garden or personal veggie patch, adding in some fruit trees is a sweet way to balance things out. If your available growing space is limited, you can also grow smaller varieties in patio containers that can be moved inside during cold spells, so there isn't any reason not to start planting trees! Try these favorite varieties for a tasty harvest:

Arkansas Black Apple

We thought we'd start this list off with one of the coolest-looking fruits to grow. Like something pulled from a fairytale, the black apple was first discovered in Benton County, Arkansas, and is a true beauty to behold. Its deep-colored skin makes it rare and attractive, but whatever you do, don't eat this gem right from the tree—it's terrible! Instead, the best way to enjoy this apple is to first give it some time to chill in cold storage, as this brings out its true sweetness with a hint of cinnamon, coriander, and vanilla. The black apple also tastes great when baked into pies and other pastries!

Peach and Nectarines

Peach and Nectarines trees are another one of the tastiest fruit trees to grow. The Belle of Georgia, Contender, and newly developed white peaches as well as the newly developed Nectarine varieties are particularly excellent varieties for Arkansas gardens.  As a stone fruit, these trees are self-fertile, which means you only need one to get a fruit yield!


Pear trees grow wild in the Arkansan landscape and are considered the easiest fruit trees to grow in the state. You can find some self-pollinating varieties of pears, like Bartlett, Kieffer, and Moonglow, but most pear trees will give you a much better yield if they're cross-pollinated with another one. They also love the sun, so make sure you give them plenty of light!

An early summer producer, you can enjoy fresh plums right off the tree all season long or in jams and jellies for a tasty Arkansan treat! Plum trees do exceptionally well in the heat and are among the easiest fruit trees to grow in your garden or orchard. They are also the perfect choice if you're short on space, growing only about 12-15 feet tall and about 10-12 feet wide. You can plant and grow plum trees in containers, but make sure you plant them in a well-draining sandy soil and give them access to a full sun location for best results.

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