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Arkansan plants is going to be a lot easier this year with our four Westwood Gardens locations to choose from. Whether you're hoping to expand your vegetable garden, flower beds, or grove of fruit trees, we have everything you'll need to turn your garden into your perfect paradise! The fact that we grow most of our plants right here makes them even better.

Why Buy Local Plants?

We're always told to buy locally as much as possible to help reduce our carbon footprint and support local economies, especially when it comes to food, clothing, and furniture. However, when it comes to plants, such as flowers for your garden beds or starter plants for a family veggie garden, there are many other significant reasons to buy local. At Westwood Gardens, we take our growing seriously and strive to offer our local customers and communities the very best in locally-grown plants year after year. Here are some of the reasons why you should shop with local growers like us:


Buying locally means you know firsthand who's raising and caring for your future plant babies. You also know that they have the local inside scoop when it comes to the best growing practices, soil types, and fertilizer options for your new little green friend. Us local growers also love our plants, and everyone knows that love makes things grow better! We don't mean to toot our own trumpet flowers, but we've been known for producing some of Arkansas' best plants since our opening in 1982. We grow many of our plants right here in our Northwest Arkansas greenhouses, so you'll never have to worry about the quality of our locally-grown plants.


Acclimatization is a great reason to buy locally-grown plants! Buying plants locally guarantees they are comfortable with the Arkansan climate and makes their transition from our garden centers to your garden at home much easier. We make sure all of our seedlings and plantlets are properly acclimatized to their surroundings in the best possible way for long-term health.

Pest Control

Another benefit of buying locally-grown plants is that we have more control over pest infestations. There's nothing worse than bringing home a new plant and discovering pests or other signs of ill health. Plants shipped in from other locations often carry insects with them, potentially causing lighting-fast breakouts in conventional nurseries. Our hard-working staff pays close attention to our plants, monitoring for signs of common problems. We also pride ourselves on providing our plants with proper care, including watering, good soil, and added nutrition, which usually keeps the bugs away in the first place! While we cannot guarantee an insect-free greenhouse, buying locally-grown plants definitely decreases the chances of encountering common pests like mealy bugs, gnats, and spider mites. If any of your newly purchased plants ever run into pest problems, we'll help you treat them quickly and keep them at bay.

Support the Local Economy

Buying plants that are grown locally gives you the chance to support local businesses—like Westwood Gardens! By sticking close to home for your plant and garden needs, you can keep local growers and family-run companies thriving and boost the Arkansan economy all at once.

It's better for the Earth

Buying plants grown locally can make a huge environmental difference. Buying locally-grown plants helps local wildlife and pollinators by supplying them with food and fuel sources over the growing season. Choosing locally-grown plants also means fewer plants need to be shipped in from suppliers across the country, drastically reducing gas emissions from transport.

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