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The Best Garden Colors for Arkansas in 2023

So, we're heading toward Viva Magenta this year, which means lots of vibrant hues. Because this is such a warm color, it exudes a sense of luxury and will be the perfect color addition to any garden that is rich with other jewel tones like navy blue, orange-yellow, deep purple, and deep lush greens. Not only will your garden be gorgeous, but you're sure to attract a myriad of butterflies and hummingbirds, too! Here are some varieties that boast this exciting garden color:


Dahlias are everyone's favorite late-season bloomers, and they come in many striking tones of magenta. Some of the most dazzling varieties include Magenta Star, Pink Sylvia, Daisy Duke, Rock Star, Cailin's Joy, Pompom Burlesca, and Night Silence. These large blooms tend to be stars of the show in any color, but we know you'll love these enchanting deep Magenta shades best.


This vining perennial is one every gardener needs to have, especially if you're rockin' with the magenta vibe this summer. Some of the most stunning garden color varieties include Alita, Bourbon, Cherokee, Pink Champagne, Marta, and the Ville De Lyon. These clematis blooms stay at their best all season long, captivating your guests with their waves of magenta-hued blooms.


No Viva Magenta garden is complete without peonies! If it's the bold color and personality you want, add some pink-toned peonies, like the Magenta Splash or Magenta Melody, and watch your garden erupt with this year's best color!

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This herbaceous perennial is a compact plant with one of the best garden colors for this year. Its large, deep-pink blooms can grow up to 8 inches across and stand out gracefully against the dark backdrop of its near-black foliage. This Evening Rose variety blooms longer than most hibiscus, so you can really savor its luxurious garden color.


An award-winning shrub rose variety, this pretty plant is at its best when a part of jewel-tone gardens with a Viva Magenta foundation. With continual double blooms all season, you can expect beautiful things from the Oso Easy Peasy with minimal care and vibrant hot-pink flowers. This rose variety flowers from early summer to the fall, meaning your magenta mojo will impress for months to come!


This long-blooming beauty is perfect for your Viva Magenta garden. Its vivid fuchsia color makes it an incredible addition as either a landscape plant or in hanging baskets. This is one of those filler and spiller must-haves, and makes an excellent choice for summer container planting.


These roses deserve to be on a magazine cover, and just might be the crowning jewel of your Viva Magenta garden. With a color palette featuring all shades of deep pink, magenta, and red-purple, we think you'll love these if you want the best colors for your garden this year!


Not only is this one of the prettiest, most dynamic color additions to a jewel garden, it's also a pollinator magnet! This tender annual blooms on tall stems and features a gorgeous pink-silver color. Great for cottage gardens, containers, or as a border plant!


Also called the Sword Lily, the Gladiolus 'Lumiere' is one showy plant, with spikes of radiant deep pink blossoms dappled with mauve and ultraviolet. You might call this a magenta masterpiece, but we call it a must-have if you're after the best colors for your Arkansas garden. They also make perfect cut flowers for bouquets!

Are you ready for the magenta rush this season? If so, come see us at one of our Westwood Gardens locations to find out how you can incorporate the best garden colors of 2023 into your Arkansas landscape. We love the excitement that magenta brings to a space, and we can't wait to see how you celebrate its beauty through flowers!

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