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You want to make the most of summer, and creating a garden to enjoy all season long is one of the best ways to do that. As dedicated gardeners ourselves, we know the joy of planting annuals every spring and look forward to bringing out all the stops when it comes to vibrant hues and abundant bloomers. If you’re in need of some inspiration for your garden designing this year, look no further! Here are Westwood Gardens’ top picks of colorful spring annuals to make a gorgeous garden in 2023.

The Best Annuals to Plant in Spring

Here are some dazzling varieties of locally-grown annuals to get into the garden now for lasting flowers all season long.


Flowers have a knack for making people happy, and these colorful spring annuals are among the happiest of them all! Marigolds add zest to the garden, keep pollinators busy, and enjoy soaking up the sun on those warm summer days. If you’re looking for dazzling oranges, reds, and yellows in your Arkansas garden, these are the annuals for you!


A staple in any cottage garden, these colorful spring annuals captivate in garden beds, containers, or window boxes. With over 1300 varieties of annuals, shrubs, perennials, and climbers—begonias have excellent diversity in a garden and have become a gardener's top pick for annual splashes of color. If you want to keep these blooming beauties year after year, try the “Non Stop” tuberous varieties that you can overwinter during dormancy


Give some of our home-grown geraniums a try—the perfect addition to elevate your garden's beauty and vitality! Boasting a diverse array of vibrant colors, from elegant pastels to eye-catching bold hues, these versatile plants are tailored to suit any garden's aesthetic. Beyond their undeniable visual appeal, geraniums are renowned for their hardy nature and low-maintenance requirements, making them ideal for both gardening novices and seasoned enthusiasts alike.


This is the colorful spring annual to plant if you want to make your neighbors jealous, and is one of the most exciting annuals for any Arkansas garden! Its flamboyant, spiky nature with vibrant, exotic colors make this a real treat for the eyes.


This easy to grow, prolific bloomer is a must-have for hanging baskets and container gardens, offering a long blooming season to spill over the sides of your delightful displays. These mini petunia look-alikes come in a large variety of colors, and are prized for their trailing habit and long blooming season. Keep these little gems in a well-draining soil with lots of sun, but too much direct light on hot summer days might require a move to the shade.

LANTANAWe love the way lantana clusters in sweet bundles of exciting color. A unique spring annual, colors range from white, yellow, red, pink, and orange—Sometimes different colors appear on the same cluster of flowers! The endless seasonal cheer of this annual makes it a magnet for pollinators and gives garden beds or containers a pop of summer fun.

If you love color as much as we do in your spring garden, come see us today for a fusion of home-grown annuals that really pack a punch. We have the most colorful spring annuals in Arkansas for whatever your garden dreams are in 2023!

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