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We’re lucky to have such an extended summer season here in Arkansas. Typically, we don’t see the leaves start to change until the second week of October, the official sign that autumn is on its way. As a result, our gardens and outdoor containers still look vibrant even now in September! Below are our favorite annuals for late-season color.

Beautiful Late-Color Arkansas Annuals

The best way to maintain a fall garden is by choosing the right annuals that beautifully complement the rich hues of an Arkansas autumn. You’re free to create any look you desire, whether it’s to blend colors for a full fall effect or add pops of bright, splashy color to create a dramatic contrast.


Dianthus adds the perfect pop of color against a vibrant fall backdrop from deep magenta to pale pastel and fuchsia, earning them the nickname “pinks.” Enjoy their rich perfume reminiscent of cinnamon and cloves—a blend of fragrance that’s perfect for fall.


Mums are a classic staple for any fall garden. The cornucopia of colors these flowers produce allows you to get as creative as you like! At Westwood Gardens, we’re exclusive growers of the coveted Giant SuperMums—perfect for big and bold statement containers.


While their name might sound wimpy, pansies are very tough cool-season annuals. We love planting these whimsical plants in September containers; their compact growth habit fills in containers so well you’d think the growing season had only just begun! For complementary autumn colors, opt for the Matrix Orange or fiery Matrix Solar Flare. If you want something to contrast against typical fall hues, try the stunning True Blue or Frizzle Sizzle varieties.


These annuals are ideal if you want to add height to your garden and containers. Snapdragons grow between 18 and 22 inches tall, and their uniquely-shaped flowers often come in two-toned colors. We have several snapdragon varieties, such as Snapshot Peach Flame, a lovely pale yellow and orange blossom; Snapshot Burgundy, with magenta flowers featuring yellow throats; Snapshot Orange, sporting a pale orangey-pink flower with yellow accents; and more.


Similar in shape to pansies, viola flowers are even smaller but come in just as many attractive color options. Violas make up for their size by producing more flowers per plant than pansies do and tend to trail and cascade, making them an ideal choice for patio pots and borders.

Edible Annuals

Flowers are not the only annuals you can add to your garden for cool-season interest. Edible annuals provide your garden with interesting texture and colors, but the most significant benefit is harvesting fresh crops of veggies in the fall.


Veiny purple, red, or pale blue-green cabbage leaves add gorgeous texture to your late-season garden. This versatile veggie is rich in vitamins, easy to grow, and even easier to preserve if you’re interested in making homemade sauerkraut!

Swiss Chard

The bubbled texture of Swiss chard leaves paired with their bright red, yellow, or orange stalks make them an eye-catching garden specimen in the fall. Swiss chard is another super healthy veggie, and, let’s face it, we can all use a boost of vitamins and nutrients as we hunker down for the winter.

Ornamental Kale

While ornamental kale is safe to eat, it’s grown more for its looks than its flavor.

Large rosette-shaped clusters of these annuals instantly boost the wow factor of your autumn garden. With centers of cream, purple, or pale pink against dark green ruffled foliage, ornamental kale provides a splash of color that’s unique compared to other cool-season annuals.

Visit one of our Westwood Gardens locations to shop our selection of cool-season annuals and enjoy a vibrant Arkansas autumn!

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