Spring Blooming Trees 

Redbud Trees

Redbuds are native to Arkansas, and one of the most commonly used blooming tree. The branches are covered in vivid buds, creating a bright scene. We have several varieties, the most popular pictured here.

Appalachian Red


Rising Sun

Crab Apple Trees

Crabapples are another commonly used blooming ornamental. They produce beautiful blooms in clusters all over the tree. These are easier to establish than many ornamentals.

Prairie Fire

Sugar Tyme


Ornamental Cherry Trees

Ornamental Cherry trees are one of our best-selling trees. They create full blooms that burt from the branches in spring. Cherry trees are easy to establish and low-maintenance, making them a great choice for your landscape. 

Mnt Fuji



Dogwood Trees

No Arkansas yard should be without a dogwood tree. We have several different kinds of dogwoods at our stores. Their colorful, simple blooms create a clean decorative tree in your landscape. They are native to Arkansas, so you will see them in the natural landscape, too!